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When an SQL statement successfully is executed by ADOConnection->Execute($sql),an ADORecordSet object is returned. This object contains a virtual cursor so we can move from row to row, functions to obtain information about the columns and column types, and helper functions to deal with formating the results to show to the user.

ADORecordSet( )

Constructer. Normally you never call this function yourself.

ADORecordSet Fields

fields: Array containing the current row. This is not associative, but is an indexed array from 0 to columns-1. See also the function Fields, which behaves like an associative array.

dataProvider: The underlying mechanism used to connect to the database. Normally set to native, unless using odbc or ado.

blobSize: Maximum size of a char, string or varchar object before it is treated as a Blob (Blob's should be shown with textarea's). See the MetaType function.

sql: Holds the sql statement used to generate this record set.

canSeek: Set to true if Move( ) function works.

EOF: True if we have scrolled the cursor past the last record.

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