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GetMenu($name, [$default_str=''], [$blank1stItem=true], [$multiple_select=false], [$size=0], [$moreAttr=''])

Generate a HTML menu (<select><option><option></select>). The first column of the recordset (fields[0]) will hold the string to display in the option tags. If the recordset has more than 1 column, the second column (fields[1]) is the value to send back to the web server.. The menu will be given the name $name.

If $default_str is defined, then if $default_str == fields[0], that field is selected. If $blank1stItem is true, the first option is empty. $Default_str can be array for a multiple select listbox.

To get a listbox, set the $size to a non-zero value (or pass $default_str as an array). If $multiple_select is true then a listbox will be generated with $size items (or if $size==0, then 5 items) visible, and we will return an array to a server. Lastly use $moreAttr to add additional attributes such as javascript or styles.

Menu Example 1: GetMenu('menu1','A',true) will generate a menu: for the data (A,1), (B,2), (C,3). Also see example 5.

Menu Example 2: For the same data, GetMenu('menu1',array('A','B'),false) will generate a menu with both A and B selected:

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