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This is the simplest PHPLens code possible. This demo is set up in less than 2 minutes. You just have to define where the data comes from using the Grid Builder. See an animated Grid Builder demo.

To find out how easy it is to set up phpLens, check out our dynamic editing features. If you click on the red icon you can configure and change colours dynamically. Here is an animated tutorial showing how it is done.

This is a Demo. You can not change anything for security reasons.
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Once you are in the dynamic editor, you will find the parameters that you can configure for displaying the data below the place where you configure the colors. The most basic and primary thing you have to configure here is where the data is coming from. E.g. You will find in the SQL field: "select * from categories". Once you have configured that, you are all set to go. If you are not familiar with SQL commands, click on List Tables just below the SQL field. A list of tables will be displayed with corresponding SQL commands.

(Note: For security reasons, we have disabled updating of the phpLens setting for our demos on this site. However, these features are available in our free downloads).

That's as simple as it gets. You can display data and pictures. PhpLens handles the display for you. This includes how many records you want to display in one page. This includes also the navigation from page to page. You can even search the records by clicking on the binoculars icon . All that set is set up for you by phpLens.

To configure different parts of phpLens, click on the red , gray , and green icons.

To look at another demo that allows you to edit or update records, try example 300.


Some categories do not have pictures currently.

Don't forget to setup the session variables by calling session_start() after you include the file.

You can click on the icon in the top-right to perform a search.


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