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This is a Demo. You can not change anything for security reasons.
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Color Settings
Color Reference opens in a new window
Top Caption
Caption Background  
Menu Color  
Title Background  
1Odd Rows  
2Even Rows  
3Current Row  
4Row Number Background  
Bottom Caption
Change Color Style:  

Detail Table
Detail Left Column  
Detail Right Column  


  Warning: saving colors does not save settings from other tabs.


You can enter search criteria such as <20 or <=12 in the UnitPrice and UnitsInStock fields, or <C in Product Nameto search for all product names that begin with A or B.

To start with the search screen instead of the grid set $lens->firstState = "FILTER".

We also configure the categories to show as popups by setting filterParams. This filterParams setting was configured in dynamic edit mode, then generating the source code and copying the relevant line into the PHP file. Easy compared to generating it hand!

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