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IndexColumn NameActual TypePHPLens Type
1PRODUCTID int[11]R: Autonumber
2PRODUCTNAME string[120]C: Character
3SUPPLIERID int[11]I: Integer
4CATEGORYID int[11]I: Integer
5QUANTITYPERUNIT string[60]C: Character
6UNITPRICE real[22]N: Numeric
7UNITSINSTOCK int[11]I: Integer
8UNITSONORDER int[11]I: Integer
9REORDERLEVEL int[11]I: Integer
10DISCONTINUED int[1]I: Integer
11NOTES blob[196605]X: Text
12ORDERDATE date[10]D: Date


Show how lookups work. In this case,
  • CATEGORYID is a lookup based on select categoryid,categoryname from categories.
  • SUPPLIERID is a lookup using select supplierid,companyname from suppliers.
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