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Grid Title
Lookup Values 
Filter Lookup
To generate a popup use:
(1) SELECT distinct SearchCol, DescriptionCol FROM TABLE to list choices.
(2) Enter a list (must begin with=). For example: =No/Yes
Multiple Choice Type
Multi-Choice Dimensions   Checkbox Columns or Multiple Select Height
Default Value
Fields per Row
Horz. Alignment   When this is checked, fields/row is ignored


To start with the search screen instead of the grid set $lens->firstState = "FILTER".

We also join the SupplierID and CategoryID columns using joinLens so that instead of seeing numbers, we see meaningful descriptions. This works both when filtering and viewing the grid.

We also configure the categories to show as checkboxes by setting filterParams. This filterParams setting was configured in dynamic edit mode, then generating the source code and copying the relevant line into the PHP file. Easy compared to generating it hand!

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