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To create new records, click on the icon in the menu on the top-right of the grid. To edit, click on

See also Example 320 for an alternative editing interface with a Child Editor in the Details Grid.

This is a Demo. You can not change anything for security reasons.
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Color Settings
Color Reference opens in a new window
Top Caption
Caption Background  
Menu Color  
Title Background  
1Odd Rows  
2Even Rows  
3Current Row  
4Row Number Background  
Bottom Caption
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Detail Table
Detail Left Column  
Detail Right Column  


  Warning: saving colors does not save settings from other tabs.


When editing or creating new records, userid and password are set as must fill fields. Age only accepts numbers (this is automatic, no programming required), and email addresses are validated.

See Example 302 and Example 303 which uses the same data.

Table schema

  create table lensusers (
      USERID char(16) not null,
    PASSWORD char(16) not null,
      FIRSTNAME char(24) ,
    LASTNAME char(24) not null,
    EMAIL char(48) not null,
    ADDRESS1 char(48) not null,
    ADDRESS2 char(48) ,
    POSTCODE char(12) ,
    CITY char(24) ,
    STATE char(24) ,
    COUNTRY char(24) not null,
    AGE integer,
    CREATED datetime not null,
    LASTMOD datetime not null,
    primary key (userid)

This demo also shows you Google style scrolling. In this case, this is enabled by setting

  $lens->scrollLinks = 9

which sets the number of scrolling links to 9.


Also notice that the fields FirstName/LastName and PostCode/City are on the same line in the Details Grid, and New/Edit record forms. This is configured by checking "2 Fields in 1 Row" in the column settings for PostCode.


We also have section breaks with "Misc" and "Address" using the sectionLens property.

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