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(E) New Record     
User ID**
Password (repeat)*
First Name
Last Name**
email (repeat)*
Address Line 1**
Address Line 2


Redirect on successful Insert to ex306.php. All fields that have a title beginning with Password (configurable in language file) will be set to input type=password.

We create 2 dummy fields that are not updatable to store the repeated fields. When we save the registered values, we compare the $HTTP_POST_VARS values. If the email and passwords to not match, we set $gBAD to true.

We can control which fields are saved into the database using the eventPreInsertField property. Every field that is meant to be updated is passed to the function (CheckInsertField) defined by this property.

CheckInsertField() returns -1 to skip processing of the dummy fields, 0 to stop the Insert, and 1 to indicate continue processing normally. We use the $lens->Error() function to pass an error message to the user.

email: (change # to @)     telephone (malaysia): 60-3-7947 2888     fax (malaysia): 60-3-7947 2800