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Grid Title
Lookup Valuesselect categoryid,categoryname from categories
Filter Lookup
To generate a popup use:
(1) SELECT distinct SearchCol, DescriptionCol FROM TABLE to list choices.
(2) Enter a list (must begin with=). For example: =No/Yes
Multiple Choice Type
Multi-Choice Dimensions   Checkbox Columns or Multiple Select Height
Default Value
Fields per Row
Horz. Alignment   When this is checked, fields/row is ignored


A form is created in the Buy column using a powerLens property. This form consists of the following:
<form action="ex901.php" method=POST>
  <input type=text name=q size=2>
  <input type=submit value=Buy>
  <input type=hidden name=p value="$ProductID">

The rows are grouped by CategoryID using the groupLens property.

The Buy column is colored using the colorLens property.

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