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The list of items below need to be reordered and are scanned by the readprodstock() function (View Source):

This is a Demo. You can not change anything for security reasons.
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IndexColumn NameActual TypePHPLens Type
1PRODUCTID int[11]R: Autonumber
2PRODUCTNAME string[120]C: Character
3SUPPLIERID int[11]I: Integer
4CATEGORYID int[11]I: Integer
5QUANTITYPERUNIT string[60]C: Character
6UNITPRICE real[22]N: Numeric
7UNITSINSTOCK int[11]I: Integer
8UNITSONORDER int[11]I: Integer
9REORDERLEVEL int[11]I: Integer
10DISCONTINUED int[1]I: Integer
11NOTES blob[196605]X: Text
12ORDERDATE date[10]D: Date


The powerLens is called everytime we want to display information. This feature can be used to scan the database for particular values. The only issue is that powerLens checks only visible records. To check all records, see [to be done...]
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