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Topic: ADOdb 4.80 Released
author: John Lim   created: 13-03-2006 04:00:19 AM


Added Active Record support, which encapsulates creating, updating and deleting records using OOP. For example:

// setup
class Product extends ADODB_Active_Record {};

// Example1: create new record, then update
$activeRec = new Product(); // access Products table
$activeRec->name = 'New Name';
$activeRec->price = 43.90;
$activeRec->save(); // perform insert
$activeRec->name = 'Renamed';
$activeRec->save(); // update the same record

// Example 2: load existing record, then update
$activeRec2 = new Product();
$activeRec2->Load('id=4'); // load record using SELECT * FROM Products WHERE id=4
$activeRec2->price *= 1.1; // change price
$activeRec2->save(); // perform update

// return an array of ActiveRecords for processing...
$activeRecArray = $db->GetActiveRecords($table,"name like 'A%'");
foreach($activeRecArray as $rec) {

Added to support XML Schema version 3 and updated adodb-datadict.htm docs. This adds:

- Support for updating table data during an upgrade.
- Support for platform-specific table options and platform negation.
- Support for unsigned fields.
- Fixed opt and constraint support
- Many other fixes such as OPT tag, which allows you to set optional platform settings


- Added activerecord support.
- Added mysql $conn->compat323 = true if you want MySQL 3.23 compat enabled. Fixes GetOne() Select-Limit problems.
- Added to support XML Schema version 3 and updated adodb-datadict.htm docs.
- Better memory management in Execute. Thx Mike Fedyk.
Topic: Re:ADOdb 4.80 Released
author: Niraj Bhawnani   created: 13-03-2006 07:11:43 AM
Active Record support looks awesome! Been looking forward to it in ADOdb :)
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