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Topic: PHPLENS with PHP-5.3
author: AJIT DIXIT   created: 12-06-2010 06:53:55 PM
Zend Optimiser is not available for php-5.3
How can we upgrade our phplens sites to php-5.3

Regards ?

Topic: Re:PHPLENS with PHP-5.3
author: John Lim   created: 15-06-2010 02:13:52 AM

We are also waiting for Zend Optimizer to support PHP 5.3.

Apparently Zend Optimizer is due out sometime this year for PHP 5.3. However we are also currently waiting for it to appear.

Do you have a need to upgrade now?

Regards, John
Topic: Re:PHPLENS with PHP-5.3
author: Fernando Ortiz   created: 25-05-2011 11:31:32 AM

I think I should migrate to 5.3

To prepare for upgrading to PHP 5.3, now that PHP 5.2's support ended,

Sure I can keep on 5.2 for a while but, I think Zend will not release Optimizer for 5.2

Zend Optimizer (Runtime for PHP 5.2 and earlier)

Zend Guard Loader (Runtime for PHP 5.3)

So I think you will need to buy Zend Guard :(
Topic: Re:PHPLENS with PHP-5.3
author: John Lim   created: 19-12-2011 08:28:32 AM
The free version of Zend Server has an optional install of Zend Loader. With this optional install, you do not need to buy Zend Guard to use phplens.
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