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Topic: catching errors from Oracle
author: phpWalter   created: 03-02-2012 07:18:56 PM
I am trying to determine if an error has occurred so I can gracefully fail.

I have 2 test operation, Stored Procedure and Stored Function.

The "$db" object is "ADORecordset_oci8po".

Bad user name:
* return value is false
* "invalid username/password" is displayed via xdebug
* nothing in object itself
* I have no way of knowing why this failed.

Bad procedure call:
* return value is false
* "PLS-00302: component 'P' must be declared" is displayed via xdebug
* _errorCode has a value
* _errorMsg has a value
* I can discover this type of error

So, how do I get the same errors that xdebug gets (and displays) ??


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