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Topic: Empty Recordset WITH ORACLE DBLINK
author: MTOPROPHY   created: 17-02-2012 03:46:18 AM

I experience some problems with an ORACLE query that is using a DBLINK to an informix Database.

Actually the query end correctly anyway the recorSet is empty, when i echo it using php only thing i got returned is the col name identifier(so the query end correctly).

I did tried everything but nothing work. The query work in TOAD for example so i am sure it is correct.

Any clue on how to resolve this?

Query is :

(oci8): select "sqp", "nd", "dp", "cf", "nm", "e" from baby@simed.domain where "nd" = 111111111 order by "dp" desc

$rs count look like --> COUNT :0

and echo of it return well : sqp,nd,dp,cf,nm,e

I've got no problem using other queries that do not use dblink and i just updates to the last adodb version with no success.
Many thanks!

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