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Topic: PHPLens Newsletter #18 (3.0 is out)
author: John Lim   created: 18-06-2003 08:12:42 AM
Hello everyone,

Our last bulletin was sent just before the Iraqi war began. In that email, we wished that when peace came, and the poor Iraqi people would get a better deal in the new regime. Well it looks like the things are still not peaceful in Iraq, so lets hope the USA and Iraqi people do the right this time.

We have finally released phpLens 3.0. Key highlights include:

- new WYSIWYG editor for fields containing HTML
- support for javascript popup overlays in the grid
- google style scrolling links

Where do we see phpLens moving in the future? Well we have so many feature requests that it is hard to prioritize.

Here are some features we will implement in 3.1:

The most common question we are having now is how to retrieve the primary key of the current record created or selected and store it in a PHP variable. We will allow you to do this very easily in 3.1 (no more hacking spNew/spEdit).

Another problem that customers face is scalable lookups. Suppose your lookup requires you to retrieve 100,000 records - not practical. We plan to implement a new form of lookup, where the user is able to search for the correct item from the NEW/EDIT record form.

For example, if you have a complaints record you are creating, you need to search for the customer id and store it in the complaint record. Enter the customer name in the search field, and it will store the customer id into the complaint EDIT/NEW record form for you...

Download 3.0:

The much longer list of changes and improvements can be found at:


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