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Topic: PHPLens Newsletter #20
author: John Lim   created: 07-11-2003 04:37:20 AM
Hello everyone,

Here's an update on what's been happening with PhpLens.

Renaming of PHPLens

We are planning to simplify the name of PHPLens to
Lens Server. This will be done gradually. Prices
and products will remain the same as it is a
rebranding exercise.

Testing with PHP5

We have started testing with PHP5 beta 2 and it appears
that the next version of phpLens (which we have not
released yet) works well with it.

PHPLens 3.3.4 is out

This is a maintenance release. It fixes

1. Problems with the gui installer in phplens/installer
2. sumLens generated   instead of 0.0 for empty
totals. Now we set it to 0.0 correctly.
3. Not able to prevent auto-focus of 1st field in edit mode.
Now we have $lens->saveOptions = 'NOFOCUS';
4. If hot update lookupLens on mustFill field, and only
one record is returned, we now auto-set the edit field
to this record immediately.
5. Some bugs with european decimal places (',') fixed.


Change History:

=== 3.3.4
Fixed installer bugs. Especially in template.shtml.

=== 3.3.3 31 Oct 2003
Added to NOFOCUS to saveOptions, (new property to disable selection of input on NEW/EDIT).
eg. $lens->saveOptions = 'NOFOCUS';

Now sumLens sets 0 correctly when summing cols with zero values. Reported by Laura.
Now if hot update on a mustfill field, and only 1 record returned, we do not generate
the blank first popup selection.
Data input/validation of when entering $lens->fmtDecimal did not work previously.
Changed handling of numbers to support European languages where decimal is ','. Added fmtDecimal and fmtDecimalDB.
Primary key in some areas not urlencoded in anchor tags. Causing problems with keys with
funny chars such as ' or < >.
Added additional checks that key column is numeric or string when generating WHERE clause.
Generalized code to use $conn->Params();
The sql generated by sqlDetail did not work if it contained a WHERE clause. Fixed.
The sql used when editing records might not work if the primary key was char with oracle and
the sql used when editing char records that stored numbers also had problems. Fixed.
Tested with PHP5 beta 2.

=== 3.3.2
Now saveOptions property, collections option allow setting of collection name.
When saving checkboxes/radios and error occurs, the checkboxes/radios were not
properly restored. Fixed.

=== 3.3.1 2 Oct 2003
Bug in introduced in 3.3.0 validation fixed.

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