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Topic: PHPLens Newsletter #22
author: John Lim   created: 29-06-2004 08:07:22 AM
Hello everyone,

We would like to update you on what has been happening
with phplens, the PHP App server.

First a word from our sales and marketing department.

PHP5 Upgrades
We would like to thank everyone who has been supporting
phpLens. I would first like to remind everyone that
we have been providing free upgrades for all
users of phplens for the past 3 years. We will
continue to provide free PHP5 upgrades for all users
who have an active annual subscription to phpLens
(which is most of you), or have bought a perpetual
license within the last year.

For those of you bought phpLens perpetual license
over a year ago, you will need a support contract with
us if you want to migrate to PHP5.

See Perpetual License:Annual Support.

The PHP5 upgrade is planned for the 1st quarter after
PHP5 is released.

Thank you.
See Wai Hun,
Marketing Manager

PHPLens Beta 3.9.5

There is a new beta release before phplens 4.0. We are
confident that this version is quite stable, and are running using this beta.

Record Locking
The key new feature of this release is record-locking.
This allows you to control record modifications, so no
user can overwrite another user accidentally.

For more info, see

Smart field sizing

You can control set the width of fields in an
edit/new record form for 600x800 vs 768x1024 screen sizes.

This requires you to add the javascript file phplens/img/screensize.js
to your javascript includes. This will add a cookie that sets the screen size of the browser.
PhpLens will read this cookie and set the input size based on this setting.


<script src=/path/to/phplens/img/screensize.js></script>

Then in the dynamic settings for each field, set the screen size.

onEmpty Property

More intelligent handling of select statements that
return no records.

Snaking Columns

** snaking column support in the grid, eg. display a record
over multiple lines in the grid.

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