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phpLens manual: Table of Contents

Introduction to the Lens Server

The Lens Server is a fast and powerful way to design, publish and maintain your databases on the Web and Intranet. It works on both PHP4 and PHP5. The Lens Server has dynamic editing that works in your Web browser, and also a set of Lenses (special data filters) such as powerLens, lookupLens and colorLens to reconfigure the appearance of your database tables in style, color and looks.

Reference Guide Table of Contents

Properties: Alphabetical List   Category List     All Properties in 1 Page (big ~300K)
Methods: Alphabetical List
Product: Availability List shows which properties are supported in which versions of the Lens Server and the differences between the Basic, Advanced and Enterprise versions of the Lens Server.

User Guide Table of Contents

Quick Tour
Your First Lens Script Explained
Scripting Properties
Global Lens Settings
Column Settings
Visible Fields/Columns
Icon Charting
GIF/PNG Graphing
Filtering and Searching
Creating, Editing and Locking Records
Viewing Arrays in the Lens
PowerLens and ColorLens
Generating PHP Code
Using the new Builder to create Applets
Using the older Grid Builder (this is the older version of the Builder)
Customizing Language and Icons
The ADOdb Database Abstraction Library
Performance Hints
Changelog 1.0 to 5.0

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