Editing, Updating and Creating Records
Display comments at the end of the edit/new record field
In the following example:

$lens->editNotes = "field1^Enter number;field2^Must begin with 'A'";

then field1 will have a note at the end of field1 saying "Enter number", and field2 will have a similar note saying "Must begin with 'A'".

To set the font style for editNotes, see eNotesFont.

Global Variables

Since 4.0.5, editNotes can embed global PHP variables. Eg.

$lens->editNotes = "field1^Picture $IMGTAG";

Primary Key Variable

Also since 4.1, editNotes can embed the primary key of the record using {key} eg.

$lens->editNotes = "field1^<a href=view.php?id={key} target=newwin>View History</a>";

Optional Edit Notes

Since 4.9, you can choose to have editNotes appear only on NEW or EDIT state by prefixing with ?NEW? or ?EDIT?. For example the following note will only appear in EDIT mode.

$lens->editNotes = "field1^?EDIT?<a href=view.php?id={key} target=newwin>View History</a>";

$lens->editNotes = "field1^Enter number;field2^Must begin with 'A'";

 Basic:Yes  Advanced/Enterprise:Yes  DynamicEdit:Yes   [Version 4.0.1]