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PHP with Oracle RAC #

My article on High Performance and Availability with Oracle RAC and PHP is out on the Oracle web site.

It discusses my experiences creating an Oracle Real Application Cluster and running it with PHP 5.2 and oci8 1.3 for a customer. Since that article was written I currently recommend that be turned off in php.ini since I've had some reliability issues with this setting.

Boiling down your Computer Science degree into 4000 words #

Four thousand words that distill what you really need to understand to build scalable multiuser servers: Server Design by Jeff Darcy.

HTML5 Gaining Ground? #

Tim O'Reilly talks about how Google bets big on HTML5. Sadly, without Internet Explorer support, a lot of this talk is moot to me. Not to say that I wouldn't salivate over using the new HTML5 canvas element. We draw a lot of flow charts graphics and it needs to run on as many browsers as possible. We don't use flash, we use Walter Zorn's excellent jsgraphics library. It's not very fast, but hey, that's why we have multi-gigahertz PCs on our desktops and on our laps.