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Kisses to PDO, just don't mind the farts

Today I went out to lunch with someone who mentioned that I appear to be anti-PDO because of my last blog entry about PDO's progress. I was surprised. PDO is just another API to me, with warts and blemishes just like your girlfriend (or boy guy). If PDO farts, I'll tell you who farted. But hey, to fart is normal.

In fact I'm impatient for PDO and all its associated drivers to work properly, so i can stop testing it specially. Also if any truthful critique spurs the developers to make it better, the happier I'll be.

I don't think people realize the amount of effort I need to put in to test ADOdb's PDO drivers for compatibility - I am testing most of the PDO driver implementations: mssql, sqlite, oci, pgsql and mysql. At every step of the way, for each of these database drivers, i have to check to see if it is a bug in my implementation, or whether PDO is behaving differently from my assumed behaviour. I am not merely reading the PDO API docs, but examining the C source code to understand how PDO works. That's not all, I also have special code to handle the quirks of each database. And if i make a mistake in my testing and publish the results, people will bad-mouth me for blaming PDO for my own bug.

Someone else asked me in July if PDO is going to hurt ADOdb. I answered: Frankly i don't worry about adodb's adoption. I just try to design something i like to use, and enjoy other people benefitting from it. This isn't a race.