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RDBMS and SQL Links

RDBMS and SQL Links

File-based Databases Open Source Databases Some Commercial Databases
Access FoxPro MySQL   PostgreSQL   Interbase/Firebird DB2   Pervasive   Oracle   MS SQL Server   Sybase


tri: DevShed's Database Essentials is my favorite. Some theory whipped lightly.

tri: James Hoffman has a solid SQL tutorial. Very thorough coverage of the SELECT statement.

tri: An interactive SQL course. You can even try SQL queries from your browser.

tri: SQL for Web Nerds by Philip Greenspun. Complete, well written and highly opinionated (like me!) with Oracle bias.


tri: Database Normalisation Theory by some of the original contributors to the theory. And here is a good and very practical tutorial by Marc Rettig.

tri: Using CUBE and Rollup for mssql and oracle 8i. Another tute with more details.

tri: MySQL cross-tabulation tutorial. This technique works with all SQL servers that support CASE, not merely MySQL.

tri: Interoperable SQL (PDF), discusses portability issues with ODBC and JDBC, by Ken North.

tri: Trees and Hierarchies using SQL.

tri: DBAZine is a great DBA resource.

tri: DB Debunk is Chris Date and Fabian Pascal's attempt to fight against the misconceptions of the database industry and to promote the "true" relational way. Intellectually stimulating!

Database Specific Links


A very good database whose greatest strength is that it is developed by IBM (great technology), and its greatest weakness is that it is owned by IBM (other hardware vendors will never recommend it).

DB2 Home Page


Under-rated and a good cheap choice. Unfortunately it's owned by Microsoft who are more interested in promoting SQL Server.

VFP Home Page

West Wind

Universal Thread FoxPro Community


Solid and reliable after many years of commercial use. Released as Open Source in 2000. Every US Army Abrams tank runs Interbase internally.

Interbase Docs

Microsoft Access/Jet

Cleverly crippled by Microsoft to be functional but not scalable. Your database of last resort.

Access FAQs

My personal advice is to avoid using Access if possible. FoxPro is a better and more scalable choice if you need to use a file-based database on the Web.

More Jet Advice

Microsoft SQL Server

There is a lot to like about this database. An excellent choice if you are running Windows.

Microsoft TechNet

SQL Server Performance

SQL Team are a group of MS SQL experts who write techie articles.

Pivot Tables with T-SQL

SQL Server Magazine


Free and fast. Now comes with optional support for transactions.

MySQL Docs

MySQL and PHP tutorials

A very complete optimizing article on MySQL by Ian Gilfillan. Part 2 where Ian focuses on mysqld variables.

Optimizing MySQL by W J Gilmore from DevShed.

Jeremy Zawodny's MySQL Optimization, MySQL Backup and Recovery, and MySQL Replication Presentations. 24 July 2002. Older article by Jeremy on Performance Tuning mySQL in Linux Journal.

Full-text searching articles: By Mitchell Harper (added 28 Aug 2002), Jim Ferrara (added 30 July 2002) and David Altherr.


The ultimate in scalability and power. Formerly very pricey, it is now very competitively priced compared to other database products such as MSSQL.

Oracle now has an Open Source Developer Technology Center. There is an excellent series of articles on PHP, The Hitchhiker's Guide to PHP. Added 22 May 2004.

Oracle Technology Network Oracle Magazine

The unofficial Oracle FAQs. Very extensive, but sometimes too much info also!

Ixora's Q&A. Ixora is an Oracle consultancy based in Australia that specializes in performance tuning.

Oracle Users' Co-Operative FAQ is another useful FAQ.

ArsDigita Systems Journal has an extensive list of Oracle articles. Some are quite old, but any article written by Philip Greenspun is witty and informative.

Simulating auto-increment in Oracle using triggers.

Oracle PipeLines: Great PL/SQL tips.

Outer Joins in Oracle.

Differences between Oracle Standard and Enterprise Edition (pdf).

Advanced Replication tips.

Generic Connectivity to other databases.

Implementing Oracle's Single Sign-on in PHP Added 22 May 2004


Based on Btrieve, a robust choice as an embedded database.



An Open Source database supported by multiple vendors.

PostgreSQL Docs

PostgreSQL: Introduction and Concepts by Bruce Momjian (book)

Practical PostgreSQL, O'Reilly book

Performance Tuning - good article

Porting from PL/SQL, Official Docs: 7.3, Beta

Installing PostgreSQL on Windows


Once a contender to Oracle, but they stumbled. Still a member of the leading pack of database vendors.

Sybase Home

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Infoworld Database Articles Daily updates