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PHPLens is a powerful PHP application server that runs on PHP4 and PHP5. PHPLens allows PHP developers to quickly create database-driven web applications. With PHPLens, web pages can be quickly created to present data as html tables with facilities to create, edit, paginate, search and delete records.

PHPLens is a rapid application development environment that we developed for our own work, and it has boosted our productivity by 300%. No more sleepless nights having to code, debug, upload, code, debug, upload. Here are some of the cool features...

One Minute Forms!

Create forms that can search and edit databases in one minute using our Grid Builder based on a single SQL select statement. See an Animated Grid Builder demo (opens in new window).

After trying the above animated demo, you can try our Edit Records example (with automatic Javascript validation of email, and drop-down lists) and Search example with live data.

 Master-Detail Forms

We demonstrate viewing categories of products, and then drilldown to the product details in 3 ways:

PHPLens can also generate totals and subtotals on numeric columns, and lookup values from control tables.


Bar Charts

We support bar and bullet charts for numeric columns. You can also customize the gifs you use.            


PHPLens can generate a calendar given a set of database records ordered by a date field.

Ultimate Power

Templates and 150+ scriptable properties means you can control the user interface in every way!

See our Support Forums created with PHPLens and templates. It supports multiple forums, topics and replies. The implementation notes explaining how we created our forums.

Our shopping cart is also a set of PHPLens objects. Here is a simplified demo of the shopping cart with source.

Database Friendly

PHPLens application server works well with databases such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, Interbase, Microsoft SQL Server and Access natively.

We can also access many other databases such as DB2 and Progress through ODBC.

Full source code and documentation to the database libraries is provided for ultimate portability.

Double-Byte Support

We support double byte characters (Japanese, Chinese Traditional and Simplified, Korean) through the htmlLens property.

Image Upload & Display

Store your staff or product photos in your database and display them with PHPLens. Supported in selected databases such as Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostgreSQL.

Why is it called PHPLens?

PHPLens application server lets you visualize your database information better. PHPLens objects act like filters or lenses to your databases. We also have powerful properties such as the powerLens (performs text transformations such as creating anchor tags from database fields) and the editLens (determines whether the column is editable).


PHP Architect reviewed us
in their March 2003 issue.
Read the
review (pdf)

gives us a
4 penguin rating!

"With a few lines of code
you can write useful apps...
it offers tremendous power."
PHP and PostgreSQL
Adv Web Programming
by Ewald Geschwinde
and Hans-Jurgen Schonig.

"It rocks! Really happy with your product"
Wayne Cochrane,


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