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Returns an array containing column names that are the primary keys of $table. Supported by mysql, odbc (including db2, odbc_mssql, etc), mssql, postgres, interbase/firebird, oci8 currently.

Views (and some tables) have primary keys, but sometimes this information is not available from the database. You can define a function ADODB_View_PrimaryKeys($databaseType, $database, $view, $owner) that should return an array containing the fields that make up the primary key. If that function exists, it will be called when MetaPrimaryKeys() cannot find a primary key for a table or view.

// In this example: dbtype = 'oci8', $db = 'mydb', $view = 'dataView', $owner = false 
function ADODB_View_PrimaryKeys($dbtype,$db,$view,$owner)
	switch(strtoupper($view)) {
	case 'DATAVIEW': return array('DATAID');
	default: return false;

$db = NewADOConnection('oci8');

MetaForeignKeys($table, $owner=false, $upper=false)

Returns an associate array of foreign keys, or false if not supported. For example, if table employee has a foreign key where employee.deptkey points to dept_table.deptid, and employee.posn=posn_table.postionid and employee.poscategory=posn_table.category, then $conn->MetaForeignKeys('employee') will return

		'dept_table' => array('deptkey=deptid'),
		'posn_table' => array('posn=positionid','poscategory=category')

The optional schema or owner can be defined in $owner. If $upper is true, then the table names (array keys) are upper-cased.

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