PHP Benchmarking Suite

The benchmarks compare the performance of various algorithms and PHP programming techniques.

I also wrote a benchmarking article on the suite for PHP Magazine. The article is a bit dry, but not frigid. I tried to make the article interesting by not focusing on the mechanics of the benchmark (yawn), but on useful results that everyone can use to improve their code. I was very pleased (and surprised - no one told me beforehand) to hear that the editors decided to feature it as the main article of the March 2004 issue.

The source code of the benchmarking suite is available here. The results are static html pages to prevent enthusiatic testers from bringing our server to its knees. You should download the source code to try out all its functionality. The benchmarks are easily extensible also. You just need to add new benchmarking files and the BS benchmarking suite will auto-detect the files.

The nice thing about the benchmarks is that it measures relative performance between algorithms, so you can make meaningful conclusions across disparate hardware platforms. And if you need more clarification, you can read it in PHP-Mag.

Cached PHP406 SuSE7 P-133MHz Results

Cached PHP433 RedHat8 P3-1.0GHz Results

Cached PHP433 WinXP P4-2.5Ghz Results

Cached PHP5b4 RedHat8 P3-1.0GHz Results

Cached PHP5b4 WinXP P4-2.5GHz Results

Cached PHP5rc1 WinXP P4-2.5GHz Results

Cached PHP5rc2 WinXP P4-2.5GHz Results

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