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Topic: New DB2 driver based on the ibm_db2 extension
author: Andy Staudacher   created: 09-02-2006 11:30:29 AM

Larry Menard wrote a driver for adodb/DB2 to replace the odbc based driver with a driver that uses the PHP ibm_db2 extension.
This resolves a lot issues we had when using the ODBC based adodb driver.

Larry Menard worked together with Dan Scott, the author of the ibm_db2 extension, and the resulting driver passes all core unit tests of our application (Gallery 2,

You can download the driver at:*checkout*/gallery/gallery2/lib/adodb/drivers/

@John Lim:
Please review the driver and please consider adding it to adodb. Let us know what changes / additions are needed to get it into the official adodb release.

Andy Staudacher, Gallery 2 Team
Topic: Re:New DB2 driver based on the ibm_db2 extension
author: John Lim   created: 10-02-2006 01:19:06 AM

Thanks for the hard work in creating the db2 driver. Much obliged. Would be happy to include it inside adodb... but we need to handle some legal issues.

Adodb is licensed as LGPL and BSD. Given that gallery is GPL, I would need a release email from the appropriate people (Larry Menard and possibly Bharat Mediratta as his copyright is on the file) stating that they are releasing it to adodb under ADOdb's license.

I hope that they are ok with this.

Regards, John
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