Editing, Updating and Creating Records
Allow editing of multiple records in the grid
Requires the keyTable and keyCol properties to be set.

If the column is defined in both editLens and gridLens, the column is editable. If the column is defined only in gridLens, then the column is read-only. The details grid is not modified by this property and remains read-only. Works with popup hot updates, must-fill checking and also type checking.

If you are using the templateGrid property, then make sure you display the _RECNO_ because some of the hidden input fields are stored with the _RECNO_.

Currently the main limitation is that client-validation with javascript is not supported.

Before 3.1, the saving of each record is treated as a separate transaction. So if 3 records are saved, then 3 transactions are generated. In 3.1 and later, all 3 records will be saved in 1 transaction.

Always Saving
We normally check to see if record has changed before saving. You can force saving to occur by setting $lens->alwaysSave = true. Since 4.0.1.

New Records
See the newMutiple property. Since 4.1.

$lens->editMultiple = true;

 Basic:Yes  Advanced/Enterprise:Yes  DynamicEdit:Yes   [Version 2.0]