Editing, Updating and Creating Records
Allows you to add html/css attributes to input fields
Allows you to add specific attributes to input/textarea/select fields.

For example, if you want to add an javascript onclick handler the input field for the column "unitsinstock",

$lens->inputLens = 'unitsinstock^onclick="alert('this is a test')"';

So the input field generated would look like this:

<INPUT name=LENS_FI_UNITSINSTOCK onclick="alert('this is a test')" value="33" >


If you want to use CSS for input field "fruittype":

$lens->inputLens = 'fruittype^id=colorInput';

So the input field generated looks like this:

<INPUT name=LENS_FI_FRUITTYPE id=colorInput value="CITRUS" >

Using *

You can define a global inputLens using * that is applied to all input tags:

  $lens->inputLens = '*^class=input-type';

You can also define an inputLens for a specific field, and then use the global inputLens for all other tags. The fruittype field will not use the global inputLens, but use class=fruit-css instead.

  $lens->inputLens = '*^class=input-css;fruittype^class=fruit-css';

 Basic:Yes  Advanced/Enterprise:Yes  DynamicEdit:Yes   [Version 2.4.2]