Grouping and totaling of rows
Number of rows before issuing a CSS page break for printing
The default of 0 means do not issue a page break.

The CSS page break when printing works on IE 5 or later. Testing with Mozilla 1.4 indicates there is a bug in Mozilla 1.4 that prevents it from supporting this page break.

The page break code also supports widow control when groupLens is enabled. This means that if a new group is to be started at the end of the page, we will move the group to the next page.

To display page numbers, use the following client-side javascript:

// at the beginning of the page
<script> var pagenum = 0;</script>

// And in one of the grid field titles, set:
<script>document.write("Page " + (++pagenum) )</script>

 Basic:Yes  Advanced/Enterprise:Yes  DynamicEdit:Yes   [Version 3.2]