Editing, Updating and Creating Records
Creates section breaks for edit/new record forms
For example, to create section breaks above the NAME and CREATED fields titled "User Info" and "Audit" for VIEW, EDIT and NEW states:

$lens->sectionLens = 'NAME^!VIEW!EDIT!NEW^User Info;CREATED^VIEW!EDIT!NEW^Audit";

Now for something more complex. Make the section breaks above NAME and CREATED have green backgrounds, and the CREATED field uses the "redfont" CSS class.

The !EDIT!NEW below indicates that the section breaks are for EDIT and NEW states.

$lens->sectionLens = 'NAME^!EDIT!NEW^User Info^green;"
  . "CREATED^!EDIT!NEW^Audit^green^redfont";

The order of the settings are:


Note that the default CSS style is "lvbw", which stands for "lens value bold white".

Also see colBreaks.

 Basic:Yes  Advanced/Enterprise:Yes  DynamicEdit:Yes   [Version 3.2]