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Properties by Category

Table of Contents

Property Description
chartFontPrefixTags to prefix chart numbers
chartFontSuffixTags to append to chart numbers
chartLensFields listed in this lens are displayed as charts
chartParamsStores charting parameters set when dynamic editing enabled
colorBackgroundColor of the background area outside the grid and detail table
colorEvenColor of even rows in grid
colorFooterColor of any totals at bottom of grid
colorGroupColor of any column grouping rows
colorNavColor of the navigation bar cells
colorNavBorderColor of background behind captions and navigation bar
colorOddColor of odd rows in grid
colorRecNoColor of background of RecNo column
colorSelectColor of selected sort column and selected recno
colorSubFooterColor of subtotals when groupLens enabled
colorTitleColor of column/field title cell
cssCSS include file.
detailLeftColorColor of left column of detail grid and edit/new record
detailRightColorColor of right column of detail grid or edit/new record
filterTopColorThe background color of the top of the search/filter form
  Editing, Updating and Creating Records
alwaysSaveAlways save even if record has not changed when set to true
anchorTagsWhen saving, detect http://* and www.* and email addresses convert them to links
attachmentStore blobs are downloadable attachments
attrDateTimeSets tag attributes for date and timestamp input fields
autoGenerateKeyMakes phpLens autogenerate an integer to be stored into keyCol when inserting a new record
bannedTagsRegular expression describing which tags are banned for data entry
canDeleteShow Delete button and allow deletes
canEditShow Edit button and allow record updates
canNewShow New Record button and allow record creation
childLensReplaces the details grid with an editor to create/edit records
defaultLensOn new record, these are the default values of specified fields
editClickSet to true to edit a record when you click anywhere in a row
editHiddenTagsDefine hidden input tags to be included in edit form
editLensThis lens sets which fields are shown when editing
editMultipleAllow editing of multiple records in the grid
editNewRadioCheckBoxTDControl checkbox style and formating in edit/new record form
editNotesDisplay comments at the end of the edit/new record field
emptyCharIsNullIf true, then zero length strings are stored as nulls
emptyDatesNullDate to use when date is empty on Insert/Update
eNotesFontFont tag to use in editNotes
eventPostDeleteSQLName of function to call after record is deleted.
eventPostInsertSQLName of function to call after New Record is created
eventPostUpdateSQLName of function to call after record is changed
eventPreDeleteSQLName of function to call before record is deleted.
eventPreInsertFieldName of function to call before every field is processed for new records
eventPreInsertSQLName of function to call before New Record is created
eventPreUpdateFieldName of function to call before every field is processed for updates
eventPreUpdateSQLName of function to call before record is changed
exportLensList of fields to export as Excel file or CSV when they click on the export button
exportOptionsExport options for exportLens property
fmtDateInputThe default date input format
fmtDecimalDBThe character that the database uses for decimal places on INSERT/UPDATE
fmtTimeStampInputDefault format of timestamps for data entry
getFieldsFromTablesIf sql select statement returns no fields, then we get field info from these tables
globalEditNewSave data from edit or new record form in global variable
gridReadOnlyLensSets fields cannot be modified when editMultiple is true
htmlEditLensCreates a wysiwyg HTML editor for fields when editing records
imageMaxSizeMaximum binary file to upload in bytes
imageUploadFunctionName of function to call when uploading data in PHP safe mode
inputLensAllows you to add html/css attributes to input fields
inputTypeLensWhen editing, display checkbox, radio or submit buttons for selected fields
keyColPrimary key of keyTable
keyIsCharForce primary key to be treated as a char if true, otherwise autodetect
keyTableThe name of the table you are editing and creating records on
keyVariableSets a PHP global variable to the primary key of the currently selected record
lockNoRedirectDisable redirect to firstState when record is locked
lockRecSet this property to the global variable holding the USER ID for locking
lockTimersTimers used for locking records
mustFillIndicates fields that must be filled when editing/creating records
mustFillMarkMark appended to the text label indicating that the field must be filled (for new records)
newHiddenTagsDefine hidden input tags to be included in new record form
newLensThis lens sets which fields are shown when creating a new record
newMultipleAllow new records to be created in grid
newReadOnlyLensThis lens sets which fields cannot be modified on creation, but are editable.
nl2brConvert newlines to <BR> tags in a field after on saving a record
noAutoNewSet to true to disable switching to NEW record state when no records are found
numInputLenSpecify the width of <input type=text> tag for numbers
onEmptyDetermines what to display when no records found
optionalColsMake certain data entry fields optional (readonly) based on data entered in an enabler field
powerEditLensAllows you to modify default input values when editing records
readOnlyLensThis lens sets fields which are readonly in both edit and new record mode
redirectOnDeleteRedirect on successful delete to another page
roInputStyleRead-only input field CSS style
saveOptionsAdditional save options when editing or creating records
searchInEditNewDynamically search for record and store results in fields when editing or new record
sectionLensCreates section breaks for edit/new record forms
showCalShow popup calendar when editing entries
showCancelShow cancel button when editing
sortDescOnNewSort descending by this field after record is created
spDeleteStored procedure to delete a record
spEditStored procedure to update a record
spNewStored procedure to insert a new record
sqlEditNewAllows you control what fields to display when editing or creating new records
tdEditSet TD attributes for input cell when editing or creating records
textAreaHeaderAttributes for <textarea> tag when editing/creating records
textAreaLensThis lens determines which fields use the larger textarea tags for data entry
textInputHeaderSet attributes of <input type=text> tags for editing/creating records
textInputMaxVisual width of <input type=text> tag. You can enter more chars than this!
textInputMinMinimum visual width of <input type=text> tag
textSizeLensDetermines the size of input text and textarea fields
toUpperConvert all strings in text boxes to uppercase (when saving and searching)
validationJavascript or input mask for data and error message on error
versionLockColName of integer column used to implement versioning, so that optimistic locking can be used
  Error Handling, Redirects
errHideMessagesHide warning messages
errorPrefixPrefix to apply to all error messages displayed
errorSuffixSuffix to be applied to all error messages displayed
redirectNoDatawhen no data returned from SQL query, redirect to another page
redirectOnInsertAfter successful insert new record, redirect to another page
redirectOnInsertCancelRedirect if user cancels new record
redirectOnSelectRedirect to url when user clicks on a row in the grid
redirectOnUpdateAfter a successful update, redirect to another page
redirectOnUpdateCancelRedirect if user cancels editing
dynEditTurn on dynamic editing
idID to identify this phpLens object
keyCompoundCompound primary key fields
sqlHolds the SQL string sent to the database
  Filtering and Searching
allowEmptyFilterWhen user performs an empty filter/search, show all records?
filterAllOrSearch clauses are ORed
filterAnyWhereDetermines whether the match anywhere in the filter/search form is visible
filterDefaultsSet the default values for filtering/searching
filterFontPrefixTags to prefix to search criteria for filter/search table
filterFontSuffixTags to append to search criteria for filter/search table
filterLensThis lens determines which fields are to be used when filtering/searching
filterModifierFnAllows you to perform special searching on a column
filterMustFillSets which fields must be filled in the search/filter form
filterParamsAdditional settings that are used internally by filterLens
filterRadioCheckBoxTDControl checkbox style and formating in filter form
filterShowFormWhen filtering/searching, show the filterscreen and grid together
filterTableColsThe number of field columns to display
filterUseLikeDetermines whether searching strings will match using SQL LIKE
phplensDatabaseName of the index to $PHPLENS_DATABASES
remoteQueryFull http path to the phplens_remoteq.php file
showFindMoreShow Find More checkbox in search form if true
sqlFilterSets the sql statement when searching/filtering
upperCaseSearches will change in the where clause COL='value' to upper(COL)='value'
  Graphic Images
imageAttributesAttributes in the <img> tag such as WIDTH or HEIGHT
imageCacheSecsCache blobs stored in database in the imageTmpDir directory for imageCacheSecs
imageDirPhpLens icons and javascript are stored here
imageEmptyImage or text to show when no image is seen
imagePageURL of web page used to display images
imageTmpDirDirectory to store temporary images and export excel/csv files
imageTmpDirURLMaps the image cache directory to a URL so that we can generate img tags efficiently
imageTypemime type to return for binary images
  Grouping and totaling of rows
avgLensDisplay averages in the subtotal and total rows
footerFnGenerates an additional footer row below the subtotal band, and one additional footer above the grand total
groupByColGroup values that are similar in a vertical span in the grid
groupDescUse groupLens sorted descending
groupDisplayField to display when groupLens is set
groupHideBandGroup data but hide groupLens band
groupLensGroup rows by this data column
pageBreakRowsNumber of rows before issuing a CSS page break for printing
powerSumLensAllows formulas in sumLens totals
scrollMaxRecordCountRead-only property that holds number of records in all pages
subTotalFontPrefixTags to prefix to subtotal label
subTotalFontSuffixTags to append to subtotal label
sumLensFields to sum
sumTotalArray that holds the totals generated by sumLens
totalFontPrefixTags to prefix to column total label
totalFontSuffixTags to append to column total label
totalNumPrefixTags to prefix numeric totals and subtotals
totalNumSuffixTags to append to numeric totals and subtotals
  Information and Debugging
dataVersVersion number of phpLens internal data format
debugDebug level. 0=none, 1=show SQL, 2=detailed view
debugDiePrint SQL generated by phpLens and halt execution.
fileSessionPathFor non-applet phpLens objects, store session info in a file instead of in the phpLens table
keyColClearClears the keyVariable if it not visible on page
lensVersVersion number of phpLens
  Navigation Bar and Menu
hideAnchorNameWhen true, hides the anchor name that is generated by phpLens so that we scroll down the browser to where the applet is located
menuHideMenu items in navigation bar to hide
navFontPrefixAttributes to prefix to menu item text
navFontSuffixAttributes to append to menu item text
navHeaderDefines the TR attributes for the top and bottom navigation bar
navTableHeaderAttributes table enclosing navigation bar at top and bottom of grid
navTDHeaderAttributes of <td> tag for navigation menu items
navUserButtonsDefine additional menu items in navigation bar
scrollBgColorThe background color in the navigation bar for scroll links
scrollFontPrefixFormatting to apply before an unselected link in the navigation bar
scrollFontSuffixFormatting tags to apply to end of scroll link in navigation bar
scrollHiliteFontPrefixThe formatting of the current page link selected in the navigation bar
scrollHiliteFontSuffixThe formatting of the current page link selected in the navigation bar
scrollLinksDisplay a set of scrolling page links in the navigation bar
scrollTDHeaderDefines the TD attributes for the scroll link cells
cacheDataCache data in $ADODB_CACHE_DIR for cacheData seconds
cacheLookupsCache lookup values for cacheLookups seconds in the $ADODB_CACHE_DIR directory.
compatCompatibility mode, defaults to 2.0
connectionHolds the ADOdb connection object
connectionLookupsInstead of using the default connection, use this connection for sql lookups
curStateCurrent phpLens state.
displaySepThe separator used to display the checkbox choices
dynUseSessionsUse dynamic editing settings
errorHandlerDefine errorHandler function that is called when errors occur
fieldsHolds the data of the current record in VIEW/FILTERVIEW
fieldSepSeperator between multiple settings for a single column
finalSQLSQL generated by phpLens, including sort order and filter criteria
firstStateWhich screen to show on startup and when phpLens is reset
forceTypeChange the type of a column
groupSepSeparator between column settings
ignoreSessionsDo not register any session variables
keyColVariableMirror the primary key column value in a global variable
keyRecNoAdd primary key to RecNo link
langHolds the current language definitions
nameSpaceChanging this property prevents the same applet on different pages from sharing session variables
onlyOrder1ColDo not allow an ORDER BY on the same column
overrideFunctionName of function used to modify globally phpLens settings
persistFor internal connections, use persistent connections if true
rendererCustom PHP class for drawing in grid view.
rsHolds the adodb recordset
sqlWhereAllows you to modify SQL where clause without modifying sql property
urlParamsAdditional parameters to append to end of links
md5InputEnables md5 fingerprinting of data entry fields
passwordPassword protect dynamic editing
securityCheckRefererCheck referer on save record is same as host server
securityEditSeqkeep track of order of updates by storing a seq no for every New/Edit
  Table and Grid formating
detailHdrAttributes of <TR> tag for detail table
detailTableHeaderAttributes of detail <table> tag
detailTitleDisplay title in detail grid
detailTitleHeaderAttributes of TD tag for field titles
detailValueHeaderAttributes of TD tag for field values in detail grid
editTableHeaderAttributes of <table> tag used in editing/updating
eventDetailViewCalls PHP function defined here whenever the detail view changes
filterTableHeaderAttributes of filter table
gridHeightUsed to fix the main grid's height to a certain amount
gridTableHeaderAttributes of grid <table> tag
gridUserLensAllow end-users to configure what columns to display in the grid.
hideZerosHide all data consisting solely of zeros, including 0 and 0.00
layoutTableHeaderAttributes of (invisible) bounding table surrounding phpLens
newTableHeaderAttributes of <table> tag used in creating new record
pageBreakHTMLHTML used to indicate page break when pageBreakRows>0
rowColorLensSet the color of rows in the grid dynamically
showDetailsShow detail grid for current row
showGridShow main grid
sqlDetailSQL to use to display fields in the details
  Table Cell formating
border0Set table borders to 0
cellFontPrefixTags to prefix to data cell text
cellFontSuffixTags to append to cell data
colorLensDynamicly change color of column or cell, and column attributes too.
detailFontPrefixTags to prefix to cell data for detail, new and edit tables
detailFontSuffixTags to append to cell data for detail, new and edit tables
fmtDateOutputDefault format of dates for display in grid or detail table
fmtDecimalDecimal character
fmtDecimalPlacesNumber of decimal places to display for numeric data
fmtThousandsThousands seperator for numbers
fmtTimeStampOutputDefault format of timestamps for display
fmtTimeStampsAsDatesForce all timestamps to appear as dates.
groupFontPrefixThe tags prefixed to the group text
groupFontSuffixTags appended to grouped text
htmlLensDetermines which character fields to treat as native HTML/binary (no encoding)
lookupLensA lens to lookup descriptions of codes and create popups for <select> options
noTrimDo not trim column data
numberPrefixHTML tags to prefix to numbers
numberSuffixHTML tags to append to numbers
overlibInitSet this to false to disable generation of overlib div tag and javascript include
overlibLensUses the overlib library to create a javascript popup in the grid for specific columns
powerLensDynamicly change contents of cell
powerPrefixPrefix powerLens code with the following PHP code
sameRowLensControls whether to show 1 or 2 fields per row in new, edit & detail grids.
tdLensSet the TD attributes of cells
tzOffsetOffset hours from current time for all datetime fields
warnLookupOverflowWarning to display if lookupLens fails
  Table Column/Field Titles
detailTitleFontPrefixTags to prefix to detail, edit, new, filter table column titles
detailTitleFontSuffixTags to append to detail table column titles
fontSelColPrefixAttributes to prefix currently selected (sort) column title
fontSelColSuffixAttributes to append to currently selected (sort) column title
nameLensSets the field titles for the grid, detail, edit, new record and search/filter screens
showHeadersDisplay column headers/titles
showSortClicking on column titles will sort columns
showSortColsThe columns or fields that users can click on to sort
titleColorSets the color of a span of titles
titleFontPrefixTags to prefix column titles
titleFontSuffixTags to append to column titles
titleHeaderAttributes for <TH> tag for column titles in grid
titleLevel1Adds an additional title row which spans multiple columns to the grid
titleLevel22nd title row
titleLevel33rd title row
  Table Rows and Columns
checkBoxesDisplay checkboxes in each row, and menu to act on items checked.
checkBoxesSepSeparator/delimiter to string of primary keys
columnsNumber of columns to display in grid
detailLensThis lens sets which fields are shown in the detail table
evenHeaderAttributes of <TR> tag of even rows of grid
gridLensThis lens sets which fields are shown in the grid
keyRecNoSelectSelected record is based on primary key and not relative position in grid
oddHeaderAttributes of <TR> tag of odd rows of grid
pageSizeNumber of rows per page
pageSizeItemsMenu items to display in pageSizeMenu
pageSizeMenuDisplays a menu for the user to select the record page size
showRecNo0=hide, 1=show on left of grid, 2=show on right of grid, 3 = hide details and show on left, 4 = hide grid show details, 5 = show details below grid
snakeLensSnaking columns in grid - this means 1 record can span multiple rows
includeFooterInclude and run a PHP file after the phpLens html is rendered
includeHeaderInclude and run a PHP file before the phpLens html is rendered
templateAssignPass additional variables to the template engine
templateBaseDirDefine default location of templates directory.
templateDetailDefine Smarty template for details
templateEditDefine Smarty template for editing
templateFilterTemplate for search form
templateFilterGridSmarty template for one row of phpLens grid when filtering
templateGridSmarty template for one row of phpLens grid
templateGridHdrTemplate of the header row of phpLens grid where all field titles are shown in view state
templateLayoutTemplate of phpLens in view state
templateLayoutAddFilterAdds new variable to layout template that holds filter/search form
templateModeControls how edit/new templates display input fields
templateNewTemplate of phpLens when creating new records
templatePrefixPrefix that indicates the beginning of a template or powerLens variable
templateSecureWhen using new or edit templates the field checksums are used
templateShowErrorsPlace error messages within template instead of showing them automatically
templateSuffixSuffix that indicates the end of a template or powerLens variable

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