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PHPLens is a fast and powerful way to design, publish and maintain your databases on the Web and Intranet. Why spend more time rewriting the same code over and over again?

If you find learning a new scripting or programming language tedious, PHPLens has dynamic editing. These are built-in forms that allow you to prototype, visualize and transform your database without any coding (see picture on the right).

If you want complete control, PHPLens offers over 300 scriptable properties to add more power to your code.

Product Pricing

We have an annual subscription model for PHPLens with an option to pay a one-time non-expiring perpetual license fee instead. Sales enquiries can be sent to

The annual subscription model comes with software updates and priority email support. Perpetual license owners get one year priority email support and software updates for the first year and a non-expiring license. The perpetual license is good if you are creating a turn-key web application and your customer does not want to pay a subscription.

On purchase, you are licensed to install PHPLens on 1 production server for end-users and on 1 developer Web server for only testing and software development purposes. All prices are per server CPU.

So you get 2 licenses in one purchase.

Pricing (USD)


Records can be viewed, scrolled and filtered or searched. Charting, grouping by category and performing subtotals are available. The powerLens feature allows you to manipulate field values dynamically, colorLens makes changing cell colors and attributes easy, and lookupLens allows you to map codes to text values. All supported Databases
This version supports editing and creating records. It also adds template support for unlimited flexibility and stored procedure support. MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, FoxPro, non-enterprise databases
All the features of the Advanced version with the ability to connect to enterprise class databases: Oracle, DB2, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, and Informix. All databases, including Oracle, DB2, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, and Informix.

For a list of which properties are supported in which version, check the availability list.

Please note that the professional version of PHPLens has been discontinued.

Supported databases: PHPLens works with a wide range of databases using the ADODB database library. Drivers for the following databases are available: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, Informix, FoxPro, FrontBase, Interbase, DB2, ADO and ODBC.

Enterprise databases are Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, Informix or DB2. These databases cannot be used with the Professional or Advanced versions.

Download PHPLens

Before you download, please read and agree to the terms and conditions for using our software: license.htm.

This is the full Enterprise version, compatible with PHP 4.1-4.4 and PHP5, but limited to 30 records.

Download the latest version for PHP5.3:

  PHPLens 5.3 zip format

Download the version for PHP5.0-PHP5.2:

  PHPLens 5.1.3 tgz format   zip format

Download the latest version for PHP4:

  PHPLens 5.1.3 tgz format   zip format

Windows Help File: PHPLens.chm

Older Versions:

  PHPLens 4.2.8 tgz format   zip format

Upgrade Info

In PHPLens 2.1, we have increased the size of the database field id of table phplens from char(12) to char(40). So if you have installed an older version of PHPLens, you will need to ALTER TABLE phplens MODIFY id CHAR(40).

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You need PHP 4.1 or later (or PHP5) and the free Zend Optimizer installed. Works well on Linux, BSD, Solaris and Windows.

Download and unpack the archive so that the files are accessible from http://YOURSERVER/php/phplens/ on your Web server. Then run http://YOURSERVER/php/phplens/help/setup.htm and follow the instructions there. A copy of the instructions can be read here.


If you are looking for Web hosting companies that support PHP and Zend Optimizer, you can try or We host at FutureQuest. We have no other affiliations with the above companies and are not getting any payment for telling you this.

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