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PHP, happy 10th birthday

June 8th is the 10th anniversary of the release of PHP 1.0.

In 1999, my company was developing intranets using ASP and JScript (Microsoft's implementation of Javascript). We were looking for alternatives as I felt we needed a solution for Unix. Microsoft's IIS was notoriously insecure in those days, and it was obvious that Linux and Apache were growing in popularity. I knew about PHP, but felt that PHP3 was too immature for our needs.

I remember trying out PHP 4.0.1 sometime in the middle of 2000. I liked it a lot: it was cross-platform, had a syntax similar to JScript, and was much more comprehensible than Perl. I then started looking for a PHP project to cut my teeth on and learn the language. That is when I zoomed in on database abstraction as I felt that existing solutions such as PHPLib were inadequate. My company was planning to build sophisticated web apps similar to the ones we did in ASP, and the software frameworks available then weren't quite there, so we would have to build the software infrastructure first, then the frameworks, and then the apps. That is how the first cut of ADOdb came into being. I coded something in late August and released ADOdb 0.10 on Sept 9, 2000.

Today, about half of our business involves projects that require PHP. We have customers all over the world. I have won awards and recognition thanks to my involvement with PHP. Yes, PHP has been good to me. Thanks Rasmus for all the fish!