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PHP 5.1 beta 3 PDO notes

Just tested ADOdb compatibility with PDO on PHP 5.1 beta 3. The PDO drivers still need some work (and ADOdb's support for PDO needs some polishing too!) Some issues I found with PDO drivers:

  • The pgsql driver currently does not support commit/rollback. All statements are autocommited.
  • The oci driver for Oracle does not support getColumnMeta(), so checking field types and names dynamically is not possible at run-time.
  • The mysql driver seems ok, except that it runs by default in unbuffered mode, which only allows a single query to execute concurrently. There appears to be a mysql specific driver attribute to work around this though.
  • Binding does not appear to work properly with pgsql and mysql with ? parameters. This might be a be bug in my code, and not a PDO issue. I haven't tested oci binding yet.